Moroccan Style: East meets West

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The oriental architecture is, in general, based on three pillars: (i) harmony, (ii) geometrical order and (iii) ornamentation. The arabic architecture is closed connected with the development of Islam. Various calligraphic and geometrical elements refer to Ala. The grand shapes, high ceilings and interior patios intend to transmit energy. The harmony of lines is easily blended with contemporary design and looks fabulous! Here is the selection I made for you! Hope you like it!

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A arquitetura oriental em geral baseia-se em três pilares: (i) harmonia, (ii) ordem geométrica e (iii) ornamentação. A arquitetura árabe, presente no Marrocos, está intimamente ligada ao desenvolvimento do islã. Diversos elementos caligráficos e geométricos remetem Alá. As formas grandiosas, tetos elevados e pátios interiores abertos pretendem transmitir energia. A harmonia de formas faz com que os elementos consigam facilmente se misturar com o design contemporâneo e ficar maravilhoso! Vejam a seleção de fotos que escolhi pra vocês! Espero que gostem!

Lovely tiles. Project by Austin Patterson Disston Architects.

Unknown designer. Photographed by Gregory Davies.

Moroccan Lounge project by Lucy Interior Design. Photographed by Jeff Johnson.

Mediterranean Hall project by Gordon Stein Design.

From the book Marrakesh by Design written by Maryam Montague.

Mediterranean Bedroom project by Gordon Stein Design.

Southampton Moroccan project by Laura U, Inc. Photographed by Julie Soefer.

Moroccan-inspired Condo project by Rebecca Mitchell Interiors and Boutique.

Arabic elements in the rug, coffee table and wall. Earthycolors. Beautiful design. Moroccan Bohemiam Modern project by Calgary and Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design. Photographed by Lindsay Nichols Photography.

Cover photo: Residence in Key West, FL. Design by Todd Black. Photographed by Ken Hayden


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