Lovely rooms for lovely siblings

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Today is Children’s Day in Brazil. It is celebrated on October 12, by kids receiving gifts from their family. This gave a strong commercial twist to the celebration, but at the end of day, we should really honor children around the world and think about what we can do to help to promote the welfare of every child. Without further ado, here is the selection of rooms for siblings I chose for you, really inspired by my sweet nieces and nephew. Those are rooms I’m sure they would like to share!

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Hoje é dia das crianças no Brasil. A entrega de presente às crianças criou um forte cunho comercial a celebração, mas no fim do dia, devemos realmente usar esse feriado (também importante dia para os católicos – Nossa Senhora da Aparecida) para honrar nossas crianças ao redor do mundo e pensar como podemos contribuir para a promoção do bem estar de cada uma delas. Sem mais delongas, aqui está a seleção inspirada em crianças, em homenagem a meus amados sobrinhos. Esses são quartinhos que eles adorariam dividir! 😘

For sisters that love pink. Northway project by Castro Design Studio.

For sisters that love blue. Northway project by Castro Design Studio.

Apartment in San Francisco designed by homeowner Jeanne Chan, founder of Photographed by Nanette Wong.

Remodel in Sun Valley Idaho project by Jennifer Hoey Interior Design.

McCoy Colorado project by Ashley Campbell Interior Design. Photographed by emr.

Lovely project by Fun House Furnishings & Design.

Coastal Holiday Home by Cotton Tree Interiors.

Great idea for a holiday home! Martis Camp Getaway project by Jeffers Design Group. Photographed by Matthew Millman.

Bold and fun colors!! 3196 Pacific project byAlicia Weaver Design.

Big family? Mt. Desert Island project. Unknown designer. Photographed by Irvin Serrano.

Great idea for small spaces. St. Moritz Crescent project by Tracy Kundell (Avalon Interiors)

I’m sure my nieces would love to share this bedroom. Designed by Katie Rosenfeld Interiors. Photographed by Michael J. Lee.

A little bit more sober for grown boys. Project by Tobi Fairley Interior Design.

Kentfield Sisters’ Bedroom project by StudioBARON Design. Photographed by David D. Livingston.


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