Gray is the new beige

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When you think about neutral colors for the walls? It used to be beiges and whites, right? What about gray? Recently, I find myself loving more and more gray as a neutral color. I think it is the go-to color when in doubt, and you can just accent with pillows, rugs, and other items. Paint is one of the easiest ways to change your room and give it a new fresh look. Don`t be afraid of doing it yourself! I`ve done it myself and believe me, it can be quite therapeutic…

And you? what do you think about grays?


Qual a primeira cor que vem a sua cabeça quando você pensa em paredes neutras? Bege? Talvez branco? E quanto ao cinza? Eu tenho amado cada vez mais, e pra alegrar o ambiente, use almofadas, tapetes e alguns objetos coloridos.

Repintar as paredes pode ser o primeiro passo pra renovar o seu ambiente. E acredite, é tão fácil e tão terapêutico! Coloque seu moletom velho, arregace as mangas e rejuvenesça seu espaço.

Um abraço,

Cobble Hill House by CWB Architects / Francis Dzikowski Photography Inc.

Apartamento em Santos project by Brazilian architect Carla Felippi

Modern organic project by MAY Designs / Amy J May

Apartamento Cidade Jardim project by Triplex Arquitetura

Austin, TX project by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Suburban DC, Cahill Residence project. Photographed by CM Glover Photography

Apto Itaim I project by Inhouse Designers

Oakland Master Bedroom project by Brian Dittmar Design. Photographed by Emily Payne