Pool me up: green pools edition

Since I met the famous orange pool from Tivoli Mofarrej Hotel in São Paulo, I started looking at pools from a different perspective. Nowadays, I just fell in love with green pools. I feel they can mix better with the landscape, especially in the country side, when green is usually more predominant. So here is my green pool selection. I hope you like it!


Desde que eu conheci a famosa piscina laranja do Hotel Tivoli Mofarrej em São Paulo, comecei a olhar para piscinas de uma forma diferente. Recentemente, me apaixonei pelas piscinas verdes. Acredito que elas se misturam melhor com a paisagem, especialmente no campo, onde o verde é naturalmente predominante. Então aqui vai minha seleção de piscinas verdes. Espero que gostem!



Project by Gelotte Hommas Architecture


Project by Susan Minter Design. Photographed by David Churchill


Project by Landscape Architecture Boston


Unkown designer. Photographed by Jeff Green


Bedfordale House Project by Suzanne Hunt Architect. Photographed by Robert Frith. Constructed by Gransden Constructions


Villa Ferraro Project by Fabrizia Frezza


Mountain Briik Estate Project by Agricultural Services


Project by Toblesky-Green Architects. Photographed by Steve Sieren


The simplicity of Scandinavian Design

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The Scandinavian Design movement was born around the 1950`s, together with the social democracy ideology – the most common political line of Northern Europe, which combines (i) free-market capitalism and (ii) the welfare state. The design movement, in its turn, tries to combine (i) modernism and functionality with (ii) mass attainability, trying out new material, and ways of production to be affordable to all. These concepts of simplicity, minimalism and functionality end up manifesting a different attitude towards life: to stay true to our simple essence and values.
Here are the interiors with Scandinavian elements I chose for you today. I hope you like it!

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O design escandinavo nasceu nos anos 50, acompanhado da ideologia social democrata – a linha política mais comum nos dias atuais nos países do norte da Europa. Ela combina: (i) capitalismo de livre mercado e (ii) estado do bem-estar social. Da mesma forma, o design escandinavo, em sua essencia, tentava associar: (i) modernismo e funcionalidade a (ii) acesso das massas ao design, por meio de confecção com novos materiais e novas formas de produção. Esses conceitos de simplicidade, minimalismo e funcionalidade acabam por manifestar uma atitude diferente perante a vida: se manter fiel perante à nossa essência simples e valores.
Aqui está a seleção de interiores com elementos do design escandinavo. Espero que gostem!

Scandinavian cabinets (reminded me of Nelson Glass). That`s Fusion project designed by VINTAGENCY. Photographed by Ludger Paffrath.

Ikea sofa. Photo from Design Attractor writer, Jan Skacelik.

Summerhouse Skåne project by LASC Studio. Love the Magis Chair.

Swedish home decorated by owners Anna and Richard Wright. Beautiful bookshelf. Photographed by Lisbet Spörndly.

City View House designed by Russian for Fish. Photographed by Peter Landers.

Minimalist project by Overberg Interiors.

Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair. 8538 Ruete Monte Carlo project by Tatiana Takaeva.

Alvar Aalto benches. European Apartment project by Olga Bakic Architect.

Pool me up: infinity edge

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Today is a chilly day in Sao Paulo. But the spring has arrived and boy the sky looks beautiful! This clean blue sky inspired me to look into some pools. And what better day to moon about your dream pool that than a Saturday? Continue reading